Peacefully part
with your pet.

Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy. But we do everything we can to make your final memories with your pet as peaceful as possible. Like handling pickup from your home or the vet’s office. Or arranging a private viewing or memorial service. Our compassionate pet cremation services and personalized memorial options help your companion rest so you can both be at peace.

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Woman holding and kissing her dog.

They’re not human.
But they are family.

Our pets are more than animals. The decision to put to rest the companion you love is extremely difficult to make, but it should bring as much serenity as possible. That is why we exist. Because we know the deep bond between a pet and their human.

We’ve felt the pain of losing our own and the need to safeguard their comfort in their last moments. We exist because we’re people just like you, with animals who feel more like people. And it is our calling to help best friends part in the best, most comforting way possible.

We’re people like you, with pets who feel more like people.

Cat with its eyes closed as it's pet on the head.

We know how hard this can be.

Oftentimes, knowing the right time to help a pet pass comes with some uncertainty. We are here to help answer any questions you have. And when that day comes, we’ll be here to make it easier for both of you by partnering with vets who can help your pet pass peacefully.

Many people find at-home euthanasia to be the most comfortable and peaceful option for their companion. Your pet can spend their last moments in their home environment, surrounded by their favorite sights and smells. If a home visit doesn’t fit your needs, our veterinary partners can also coordinate payment and transport of your pet’s remains from the clinic.

Plan a day full of moments you’ll cherish.

We believe in the best last day possible for you and your pet. A day full of endless belly rubs, extra treats and favorite activities. These are memories that will stay with you forever and bring you peace of mind.

  • A favorite walk or special place

  • Extra-delicious treats
    (and lots of them!)

  • Their most-loved toy or game

We're Hiring!

We’re people who consider pets to be people, too, and we want to work with humans who feel the same.