How do I know it is my pet’s cremated remains I receive back?
How long before I get my pet back?
Can we tour your facility?
What do I do if my pet passes away at home and my vet clinic is closed?
Are the prices for cremation based on weight?
What happens to my pet’s remains if I choose a Communal Cremation — are they thrown away?
Can I pre-plan for my pet’s cremation?
Do I have to have an appointment?
What if my vet clinic does not use Best Friends Pet Cremations?
Does Best Friends Pet Cremations provide in-home euthanasia?
Can I put the cremation on a payment plan once my pet has died?
What do I do with my pet’s cremated remains?
I’m not sure I want to cremate my pet, what are my other options?

If you have any other questions, please contact us.