Black pug licking a white ice cream cone.

Best Friends Deserve the Best Last Day

As much as we all try to push it out of our minds, every pet parent knows that one day they will have to say goodbye to the animal that has stolen their heart. If we’re lucky enough, that day comes when our companion’s fur is kissed with silver, after a long and love-filled life.

Deciding to put down a pet, whether due to the pains of old age or terminal illness, is one of the most difficult decisions a pet parent must make. But it can bring peace and relief to you both, knowing they’re no longer in any pain and you helped them have a quick and tranquil passing. Giving your pet a best last day can add joy and comfort to an extremely difficult time.

A best last day is just that—the day or hours before putting a pet to sleep that are filled with everything they love the most. A best last day is one last day to spoil your best friend, shower them in love and give yourself one last trove of beautiful memories.

Here are some ways to gift your own loved one with the best last day possible when it’s time to say goodbye:

  • Take the day off work
  • Go through a drive-thru for a special treat
  • A drive to a favorite park with the window down
  • Lots and lots of belly rubs
  • A swim in the river or lake
  • Naps with the family
  • Their favorite human food, such as cheeseburgers, bacon, peanut butter or cooked steak
  • Play ball, frisbee or tug of war (but stop when they become tired or winded)
  • Go on an easy hike in the mountains or the bosque
  • Let them sleep in your bed
  • Read your favorite book to them
  • Social time at their favorite dog park
  • A new, exciting toy
  • Visits with their favorite humans
  • Quiet time to rest without TV, music or distractions
  • Capture moments of joy with your camera

Your own companion will have unique needs, preferences and abilities. Only you will know what will truly make your sweet friend’s last day special for them, and what types of activities they will be physically able to participate in.

The day you have to say goodbye will not be easy. But a perfect day spoiling and loving your pet will give you memories that will comfort you both and help leave you at peace.

Black pug licking a white ice cream cone.