Dog leaning its head on a pet parent's leg

How Does At-Home Pet Euthanasia Work?

Making Your Pet’s Final Moments More Peaceful

The tragedy of pet ownership is knowing that your furry friend’s lifespan will never be long enough. Though their lives are short, our pets pack a tremendous amount of love and wonderful memories into the time we share. And when they approach the end of their lives, we as pet parents can return that love with a beautiful final gift.

Euthanasia, which literally means “good death,” is an opportunity to control the circumstances of a pet’s passing to make it as peaceful and pain-free as possible. Pets do not understand mortality the same way people do. They cannot comprehend the future or fear death. They live in the moment. And when they are gripped by the inevitable decline of old age, or deteriorating under the strain of chronic or terminal illness, we can give them the gift of a peaceful relief from that suffering.

How Home Euthanasia Can Help Make Goodbye a Little Easier

Traditionally, a pet parent would need to make an appointment at their veterinarian’s office and bring their fur baby to the clinic for euthanasia. Recently, however, mobile vet clinics have made at-home euthanasia an option. This allows a pet to be put to sleep in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Many pet parents find this option easier and more peaceful than saying goodbye at a clinic. Some pets get anxious while traveling, and entering a clinic filled with unfamiliar sights and smells can confuse or frighten them. Pet parents may also appreciate having more time to spend with their companion’s body to say goodbye. Crying in front of strangers at the vet clinic can feel awkward or embarrassing, and having more privacy at home makes the procedure feel more intimate and relaxed.

What to Expect with Home Euthanasia

At-home euthanasia appointments must be scheduled in advance, and appointments can be limited, which means you’ll need to plan for them. You can discuss a euthanasia timeline with your vet to decide when to put your companion to sleep. In general, there will be a window of time where a pet’s quality of life has begun to decline, and there are more bad days than good. Once that period is reached, it’s time to schedule the appointment.

The process of euthanasia is essentially the same whether the procedure is performed at home or the vet’s office. In either case, the veterinarian will first sedate your pet, allowing them to relax and slowly drift into a peaceful sleep. While they are sedated, the vet will place a catheter in your pet’s vein and inject a drug that will painlessly stop their heart.

If the procedure happens at your home, the veterinarian may arrive alone or with an assistant. Most pet parents choose to have their pet lie down on a favorite bed or blanket, which they can then be carried or wrapped in to be taken to the crematorium.

Best Friends Pet Passings and Cremations has partnered with several Albuquerque veterinarians who provide at-home euthanasia services. Whether you choose to have your beloved pet put to sleep at home or at the vet clinic, we can help with putting them to final rest. Our veterinary partners will arrange transportation to the crematorium, or you can bring your pet to us directly. If you have any questions or want to arrange pet cremation, call us at 505-345-5615.

Dog leaning its head on a pet parent's leg