Man with cat sitting on top of his backpack in a park.

You Know You’re a Pet Parent When…

10 things only those with fur-babies will understand.

There are two kinds of people: those who keep animals as pets, and those who keep animals as family. The former may not understand the level of love and devotion that pet parents bestow on their companions, and that’s ok. But for those who have carved out a special place in their homes and their hearts for their pets, here’s a list of things all pet parents can relate to.

1. They are not “Its”

Our pets are not objects, they’re family. How would you feel if someone called your human baby an “it”? Probably just as appalled as pet parents would. A pet parent’s animals should be referred to by their name or appropriate gender, thankyouverymuch. And don’t call them by their special nickname, either. That’s reserved for their closest companions only.

2. Their fashion has a function.

When we put sweaters, bowties, cute little parkas, shoes, hats, tutus….where were we? Oh, yeah. When we clothe our critters, it’s not so we can strut them down the catwalk (go ahead, roll your eyes). Sure, it is fun to add a little swagger to their wag, but they oftentimes need the extra layers. The sidewalks in New Mexico can scorch little paws, while our desert winters are too cold for many shorthaired breeds. Why not make our animals look snazzy while protecting them from the elements?

3. You brush their teeth regularly.

And just like human kids, it can be a struggle. But you know that your pet’s oral hygiene isn’t just for less offensive breath, it’s good for your pet’s health. Tarter and plaque buildup can be dangerous to their health and be expensive to treat, and it’s important to take preventative action.

4. You pass on happy hour with co-workers.

When your pet has already been home alone for eight hours while you’re at work, you can’t imagine hitting Nob Hill for dinner or drinks until you’ve let your dog out to go to the bathroom, fed them and spoiled them with treats, made sure their water dish is full and supplied them with plenty of scratches and snuggles. Besides, it’s no secret that you prefer the company of your fur-baby over human interaction, anyway.

5. In fact, they determine where you spend a lot of your free time.

Does your pooch fare better hiking the shadier trails of the Sandias? Do you only eat out at restaurants with animal-friendly patios? Do you end up relaxing with a book for hours to snuggle up with your kitty? If you can’t bring your pet with you, you’re going to think twice about going.

6. There’s a blurred line between cute and disgusting.

They just ate something disgusting from the trash/compost/litterbox. And you let them kiss you anyway. They dragged something dead inside just for you. You’ve shampooed them 5 times already and they still smell like skunk, but you would never make them feel bad by banishing them from your bed. What can we say. Love is blind. And nauseating.

7. You spoil them.

You spend just as much time and money shopping for birthday and holiday gifts for your furry companion than you do the rest of your family. Your floors are covered in chew toys and catnip-filled stuffies. There’s a pet bed in every room. Does kitty need a remote controlled mouse? Yes. Yes she does.

8. Your bed is really their bed.

Your pet takes up the entire bed and pushes you to the very edge, while flopping their paws on your face, all while snoring like a chainsaw. Even though you’ve slept terribly ever since bringing them home, you can’t imagine not waking up to their sweet whiskery face. And every time they nap, you take a picture to capture that similar-but-not-quite-the-same-pose of cuteness. It’s probably time to buy more memory in the cloud.

9. Your life is measured in “before” and “after.”

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before you brought your companion into your life. And you don’t want to imagine what it will be like after they’re gone. But how you think of the timeline of your own life is now based on when you became a mom or dad.

10. You know you’re a pet parent because you will always remember your first love.

Saying goodbye is something all pet owners know they’ll have to do one day. When that time comes, we want it to be as peaceful as possible. Best Friends Pet Passings & Cremations in Albuquerque, New Mexico is here to help families part with their beloved animals in the most comforting way they can, and to help keep their memories alive. Reach out to us at 505-345-5615 to schedule services or to learn more.

Man with cat sitting on top of his backpack in a park.